Lord Maude: Encouraging Exporting

Lord Maude, Trade and Investment Minister, addressed members of the newly reconstituted APPGTI on 20 October, outlining the government’s plans to encourage British companies to export.

Lord Maude stressed that the UK is a great environment to do business in as well as from; however, it underperforms vis-a-vis other European countries such as France and Germany with a lower propensity to export and its exports entering fewer markets.

The Government is working to address several key issues:

1. Evaluating how UKTI is set up. UKTI currently employs around 2,600 employees, but has fewer programmes to help exporters than their Italian equivalent which only has around 900 employees. The incumbent UKTI model may not be operating at full efficiency.

2. Mapping opportunities in markets against sectors in which UK companies are strong producers.

3. Working harder to support export finance, particularly for SMEs.

The APPGTI is grateful to Lord Maude for his engaging discussion and insightful responses to questions.untitled

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